Elders Speaking Chinook Wawa

Elders Speaking Chinook Wawa [VIDEOS]Mungo Martin | Jimmy John | Dan Cranmer | Louis Miranda https://youtu.be/rbaDNRVRx8g https://youtu.be/-qvcFpv7pho https://youtu.be/juIWN1va4_o https://youtu.be/7u_fYhlYrLA

Mamook-kunsih (count)

About Louis-Napoleon St. Onge’s Chinook Wawa Bible History

Louis-Napoleon St. Onge was born near Montreal in 1842. The Rt. Rev. AM Blanchet brought him to St. James Church in Vancouver Washington, which had been built when Vancouver was still the Capital of the British territory of Columbia. He learned Chinook Wawa there when it was still the center of the language use. After the US Army Oregon Volunteers burned down St Joseph Mission near Yakima, St. Onge oversaw its revival. Ill health led him to a Quebec hospital where he spent his time working on Chinook Wawa writing. It may have been here that he began compiling his…