Chinook Dictionary by Shaw This is an excellent piece developed by the Grande Ronde Tribes of Oregon on words and etymologies This is a great introduction to Chinook Rudiments of the Kamloops Wawa writing system You can read Kamloops Wawa newspapers as well as an affiliated newspaper Sugarcane Tintin here: Duane Pasco was one of the first to develop learning materials for Chinook Wawa. You can find entertaining reading here: BC Chinook Wawa has been pleased to support one of the best Chinook Wawa scholars in the world David Robertson. You can see his excellent blog here: You can…

Kaltash Wawa

Alex Code, Manager of the PoCo Heritage Museum, has joined our weekly learning sessions and has demonstrated a remarkable facility with Chinook Wawa. (See Alex's video Sametl here). He has also learned the script used for the Kamloops Wawa newspaper that was published in the late 1800s and early 1900s and was widely read by native people in the interior and to some extent on the coast. Alex and friends have published a humorous version called Kaltash Wawa (Kaltash or Cultus means ’not very good’). Alex says, "Recently a few of us have been learning Chinook Pipa and I've been…

The Snass Sessions

online chinook wawa study group This group. led by led by Dave "Chinook Man" Robertson, had been meeting weekly for quite some time. Then in mid-2020, they began to record their study sessions, realizing they would be of value to other Chinook Wawa students and researchers. You can also download the study papers below to follow along. study papers from the Snass Sessions: A Couple Kills All Their RelativesDownload Soup ManDownload The History of AgricultureDownload The Origin of DeathDownload SametlDownload Chipmunk and His MotherDownload Murder at LillooetDownload Shooting at Dog CreekDownload Bishop Grouard's Christmas Visit to Kamloops (part 1)Download…


Alex Code, a faithful participant in the Snass Sessions, has created an outstanding recording of "Sametl" as told by Thomas Paul and documented by the great linguist Melville Jacobs. Alex has recently become the head of the PoCo Heritage Museum. The recording he has made here includes some great sound effects!

The Chinook Jargon and How to Use It

A complete and exhaustive lexicon of the oldest trade language
of the American continent” by George C. Shaw

“There are now [1877] few tribes between the 42nd and the 57th parallels in which there are not to be found interpreters through its medium…the words adopted from the several languages were, naturally enough, those most easily uttered by all…notwithstanding its apparent poverty in number of words, [Chinook Wawa] possesses much more flexibility and power of expression than might be imagined.””

— George Coombs Shaw, 1887

Mamook-kunsih (count)