The Snass Sessions

BC Chinook Wawa ‘Snass Sessions’ led by Dave “Chinook Man” Robertson with cameos by Prof Jay Powell, last remaining speaker in British Columbia who learned it from elders. Snass is the Chinook name of Rein Stamm, the host whose commitment and tenacity has sustained these sessions and without whom they would not exist. By watching and practicing with these videos you will learn a lot about Chinook Wawa and Aboriginal culture. Most of the sessions review stories recorded by Melville Jacobs in the 1920s. Through this process Dave Robertson developed a new writing system which we call “Deyv Pepa”.

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The Chinook Jargon and How to Use It

A complete and exhaustive lexicon of the oldest trade language
of the American continent” by George C. Shaw

“There are now [1877] few tribes between the 42nd and the 57th parallels in which there are not to be found interpreters through its medium…the words adopted from the several languages were, naturally enough, those most easily uttered by all…notwithstanding its apparent poverty in number of words, [Chinook Wawa] possesses much more flexibility and power of expression than might be imagined.””

— George Coombs Shaw, 1887

Mamook-kunsih (count)

Hiyu Mahsee Julia!

Kanaway Sundee tillikum Julia Schillo skookum mamook kopa tyee schoolhouse UBC pus students chako kanaway moon pus chako kumtuks Chinook Wawa. Hiyu Mahsee Julia! One of our most stalwart weekly participants Julia Schillo is starting a Chinook Wawa group at UBC. Thank you Julia!