Kopa Nesaika (about us)

BC Chinook Wawa was formed by students of Jay Powell, the only remaining person in British Columbia who learned Chinook Wawa from native elders. Jay developed a curriculum and taught Chinook Wawa at Langara College in the 1970s. Some students used it as a language credit to get into the University of British Columbia.

Many of the people Jay influenced wanted to respond to his call to help revitalize this important language of BC history.

One of Jay’s students, Global Civic Policy Society founder Sam Sullivan, worked with him to contribute an article on Chinook Wawa to the Canadian Encyclopedia.

Jay and Sam have also hosted several immersion weekends and developed more learning materials.

Currently they are running an online Chinook Wawa study group. For more information, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.